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Human Bubble Ball

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Human bubble ball happens to be the newest brand of soccer. It’s a thrilling twist over the old soccer type where you are cloaked in a big soft expandable bubble ball with shoulder handles inside. Bubble soccer game started as a joke between Johan Gold and Henrick Elvestad who are the hosts of the Norway comedy sports show commonly known as Golden goal. The game is an amalgam between zorbing and soccer. When playing, an individual rolls down a hill side or in a level surface in an enormous plastic orb.

The aim of this game is like any other game is to score over the opponent and successfully knock out each other as the game progresses. This game starts when players hear the whistle, rush to the center of the field to kick the soccer ball. As they play along, their bubble balls get sweaty and visibility decreases with time. This is the perfect time to have fun since everyone in the game is experiencing the same challenge and needs to be the winner.

Once inside that big bouncy ball, it’s inevitable to laugh as you crush to your opponents as you try scoring. This game attract a lot of spectators because most people have only watched it either in YouTube or popular television channels. This game has the guarantee to make you spin, jump and do vigorous exercise than any other game. Being on the defense in this game can be viewed as having more fun than having control of the ball since your opponent struggles with every fiber of their being to get past you.

Because players’ hands are trapped inside the bubble ball, they have to maintain balance using their legs. Bubble soccer ball games are perfect for birthday parties, church groups, private parties or family reunions and group picnics. This game offers lots of fun as players struggle to overcome all the challenges to be the winner.